An Excellent Day Fishing in Vancouver August 7, 2009

Fishing Map, Summer 2009

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Every once in a while, I get lucky and have an excellent day fishing. On August 7, 2009 I headed out of North Vancouver with Mark Loban from Mainland Fishing Charters. He'd warned me in an email a couple of days before that the fishing was spotty. Just after getting the lines in the water, I hooked a nice sized spring. It broke the surface about 50 yards out - just as a seal popped its head up.

The seal was fast. It had the tail of the salmon in its mouth the next time I saw the fish. Mark's strategy was to run the boat in the direction of the seal, hoping to scare it into releasing my spring. The seal dove four or five times. Each time the seal surfaced, Mark drove the boat at the seal. I reeled like crazy.

On the fifth dive, the line went slack and I reeled in part of a cheek. Oh well, I guess the seal wanted that fish more than I did.

We caught a couple of nice sized cohos and, in a moment of low confidence, I even kept a pink salmon.

We were fishing hard with five lines in the water. All of a sudden, three rods started to scream off line. Being an experienced fisherman, I immediately thought Mark had run over a lot or hit some other snag. Boy was I wrong. We had a triple header! It was a little crazy, but I managed to get a nice 20 lb spring into the boat.

Mark impressed me. Even with all the excitement, he kept cool and noted our position. As soon as we got the first fish into the boat, he turned it around and drove us right through that school of springs. Bang - a double header! This time it was a beautiful 25 pounder - that turned out to be a white spring.

Unable to take all that excitement, we reeled in most of the lines and took another run. Again we had a double header and another nice spring in the boat.

By lunchtime we had our daily limit of two springs each. Mark kindly gave me one of his.

I've often flown for hours to go fishing. It's incredible to live in a city where there is fishing like this within a few miles of downtown. Mark at Mainland Fishing is amazing.

Fishing, Summer 2009, Two Nice Springs

A couple of springs on the dock

Fishing, Summer 2009, Basil's Catch in the Kitchen

Fish always look so much bigger in the house

Fishing, Summer 2009, Basil's Catch on the Dock

A great day fishing